WE are all powerful.

WE are all responsible.

We are holding each other accountable.

The change is fast.

We are discovering very real powers that have been dormant.

We are using them and learning about them for ourselves and in relationship to other beings.

We are more aware of subtle energies.

We are more aware of everything we perceive and all our abilities for perceiving.

We find ourselves excited, overjoyed, afraid, confused, lost, found and growing.

Expansion of the mind and heart are inevitable symptoms of the change.

We find ourselves turning to philosophy, spirituality, creative expression and each other.

We are faced with the best of ourselves and others, as well as the worst.

We teach each other that this requires strength, courage and imagination.

This requires love.

We develop new skills to accommodate the radical changes as they are experienced.

We help each other by sharing information, stories and above all TRUTH.

We learn to say NO when appropriate.

We learn about ourselves and we travel through all hell.

We experience pleasure beyond our wildest imaginations.

We transcend time and space.

We communicate through thought, sound, feeling and other new languages.

We learn from our mistakes and hold our heads high.

We reset and reboot.

We chose.

We help.

We do what we can when we can and strive for better and for more for the sake of one and other.

We listen.

We give and take.

We secure our oxygen masks before assisting our neighbors and we do it quickly and with clarity and determination.

We are evolving.

We are together.

We are compassionate and empathetic and we CARRY ON!




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